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Hourly rates

basic rate: $50/hour
rate with subscription: $35/hour
rate with advanced subscription: $25/hour



Basic subscription: $350 for 1 year = Site updates, 2hrs support/month, setup and maintenance of SEO features and Google/3rd party features, backups, virus/hack prevention

Advanced subscription: $500 for 3 months = Basic subscription + 1 hour/day site maintenance/updates, and 50% off basic rate.

Webmaster contract: $600/month = Advanced subscription + additional 2hr/day attendance to website administration SEO & social media.


Project Start-up Fees

$200 - Setup and design of any site

$400 - Setup and design of any site using Wordpress/Joomla/Pulse/other open-source CMS

$600 - Setup and design of a static (non CMS) site with more than 3 pages and any number of scripts

$750 - Setup and design of any site known to include e-commerce or membership management features

All subscription and project fees are payable in advance. Projects are monitored by use of software in 5 min increments. Additional fees accruing past (setup-fee ÷ 25) hours work on your project will be charged at $50/hour.

Payment for additional time on ad-hock or project work is billable on completion of the project (transfer to live hosting) or on the end of the month following the assignment of work (for projects, the end of the month after 1st drafts are presented).

Any project for a client who has subscribed for service is charged for additional time spent on their project at the $35/hour or $25/hour rate.


- Want a Squarespace site, but too intimidated by their interface?
- Already building in Squarespace, but stumped on what to do next?

I am now happy to announce that I am offering site setup for Squarespace!

Clients who want to manage their own content, and want to use the Squarespace service to do so, can pay a $250 startup fee, and I'll be happy to get your Squarespace template looking and working just the way you want. I am also compiling a list of Squarespace-specific extensions and modifications, all of which you will have access to for free as a part of this package (unless it must be licenced from a 3rd party - in which case, you pay the provider directly and I impliment it for you).

Content Management Systems

GRAV - flat file CMS with powerful plugins

WORDPRESS - for simple blogs and showcases

JOOMLA - for complex community driven/run sites

PULSE - for fast-loading, custom built sites using Freeway


ROCKETTHEME - Templates and extensions for Joomla, Wordpress, Magneto and others.

YOOTHEME - The Zoo and Widgetkit extensions for Joomla are a particular staple.

GANTRY - A framework for sites built fast and easy to admin.


Various hosting providers give excelent support and provide very stable solutions. I reccomend any of the following:

Site 5 Web Hosting

Doteasy Web Hosting


terms and conditions

Terms: I am a "consultant" and provide services to a single "client".

1. All matters concerning use of copyrighted media, on any site they own, are the responsibility of the client. Clients are expected to either obtain the rights to use any proprietary materials used as content, or abide by restrictions placed on media purchased by the consultant on the client's behalf.

2. Clients are responsible for obtaining their own domain names and hosting services for their site, and the consultant accepts no responsibility for technical issues caused by whichever hosting package the client chooses.

3. Clients must pay a non-refundable deposit or retainer fee for work to begin on anything defined as a "project", regardless of their status as a subscriber for support and consulting services.


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